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Why is Full Spectrum CBD Used? | Bona Voluntate

Finding the proper dose and product for you, whether you’re a CBD veteran or fresh to the game, may be a time-consuming and complex procedure. With new firms hitting the market on a daily basis, there are other solutions that offer the same results: improved sleep quality, higher focus, long-term stress management, you name it. But how can you know which products will be effective?

What is the benefit of Full Spectrum CBD, and is it good for you?

CBD products are classified into three categories: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate. We provide a CBD Full Spectrum Distillate product at Bona Voluntate , which means that the power of the complete hemp plant is neatly packaged into your little white, gold, and black containers.

While CBD Full Spectrum Distillate is not for everyone, science reveals that it is typically the most beneficial at the lowest doses; and at Bona Voluntate , science is everything.

The Entourage Influence

Although much study has to be done in the field of CBD/cannabis research, we do know that CBD is most effective when it participates in the Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect is best understood by picturing your CBD as a player in a team activity, like as soccer.

To win a soccer game, you must do more than just score goals. However, you must also prevent the opposing team from scoring. Full Spectrum CBD Distillate functioning alone would be equivalent to having a team with only a goaltender. With a lot of effort, the goaltender should be able to keep the other team from scoring. However, that goalie will struggle to score their own goals and bring home a victory. It can simply be too much to try to accomplish both successfully!

When that goalie has teammates, not only does it make it easier for each individual to protect the goal through teamwork, but it also increases the team’s chances of scoring a goal! Simply said, the Entourage Effect is similar to having team members. The more hands we have on deck to work towards a shared goal, the better! When CBD is aided by the other components of the hemp plant, its role as team leader becomes much more fruitful.

Let us compare…

CBD isolate products contain solely CBD. So there are no assistants to give CBD the boost it requires to perform at its optimum. Because CBD works alone, many people require higher doses to achieve their health goals than they would with a medicine that keeps the teammates present. This is usually where we find greater strength doses, ranging from 3000-5000mg and more. The explanation for this is straightforward. Because there are no colleagues to assist, the formula requires MUCH MORE Full Spectrum CBD Distillate to be effective.

While some of CBD’s teammates are present in Broad Spectrum products, one essential component is lacking. THC is that component. CBD Full Spectrum Distillate products, on the other hand, contain THC. Even if just in trace amounts (each of our products includes 0.3% THC, which means it won’t get you high and is completely legal).

While the other cannabinoids (CBD and THC are just two of a plethora of therapeutic compounds synthesised by the hemp plant) and terpenes (essential oils of the plant) play an important role in enhancing the efficacy of CBD, THC is our top scorer and heavily influences how well the team performs overall. It aids in the molecular direction of CBD, allowing it to participate in the right chemical reactions that finally lead to medicinal benefits. Without it, you’ll need more CBD to ensure that all of the necessary interactions occur.

If you’ve done your homework, you’ll see that our products are available in low doses. Our members take 20-30mg of CBD per day on average. This is substantially lower than is common for Broad Spectrum or Isolate goods.

The Bona Voluntate  Distinction

In addition to providing a Full Spectrum CBD Distillate product, Bona Voluntate  CBD is non-GMO, gluten and dairy-free, single-sourced, and devoid of pesticides and heavy metal solvents. When it comes to CBD production, most people are unfamiliar with the term “single-sourced.” However, it is one of the most crucial things to check for when purchasing a CBD product.

We know where the CBD comes from when we use a single-sourced CBD product. And at Bona Voluntate , we go much beyond. Our CBD is produced solely from the flowers of organic hemp plants, which have the maximum concentration of therapeutic chemicals. There is no white labelling, no stems and seeds, no dangerous additives, and no dubious extraction procedures. In Colorado, we own a 1,100-acre farm. As a result, we can ensure quality and uniformity at every stage of the manufacturing process.


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